Blog Discovery To Save Your Day…

Hey Guys, How’s Tuesday for everyone?

I don’t usually blog about anything other than food or music (it’s what I survive on after all, maybe a little water too). But today I was back at work after having a few days off for Easter and actually working…was…not…on my mind. So to distract ourselves from the impending doom of spreadsheets *suppresses cold sweat* and the ridiculous April showers with hail stones the size of England; we fell upon a charming blog. By charming I mean freaking hilarious, so much so we were slightly OCD addicted and we’re only up to around March 2011. This lady does not need to try and be funny, she just is. Highly recommended for those days when you’re at work, home or anywhere doing anything – trust me!


Back to music, there’s a couple of decent gigs coming up in the shire of Leicester which I will blog about soon.

Also one of my friends on Twitter is doing a ‘Music Months’ thing which is pretty cool. You basically just lay out the music you have been listening to for the past month and say something about it if you wish. I’m lame and extremely forgetful so I missed February. I’m pondering my March list…



I’ve written a few blogs about music but have never given thought to giving any locality to it. I work and have worked in Leicester for five years and now know how much music runs through its veins. So I thought I’d start up another blog to shine some more light on what’s already, a city throbbing with new beats.